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Shandong Linyi Yingxing Glass And Artistic Collaging mirror limited corporation is a manufacturer focused on the designing,researching and developing , innovating,producting and saling of artistic glass. Our factory introduced the most advanced productive equipment and technology, dedicated in creating the most perfect and highest-quality glass products, to achieve the perfect combination of tradition and fashion. 
Main products: Artistic collaging mirror and mosaic series,glass mirror series(gold mirror,silver mirror,tawny mirror,etc.), antique mirror,Anti-fogging mirror series,painted glass and furniture glass,etc.
Our products have unique modelling,profound meaning, vivid and lasting color,intense stereoscopic sense. it is the first choice for high-end decoration of home Furnishing,company,hotel, photographic studio and leisure club.All our products can be customized according to the requirements of customers.The quality of our products is first-rate in China , reached the standard of export and has the professional packaging. 
Our company adheres to the tenet of customer first and quality first, survived by the high-quality, developing by the good service, always keeping the creed of cooperative and trustworthiness.
Welcome the new and old customers come to our factory to choose and buy! 

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